A Perfectly Minimalistic (and Free) Meditation App

A Perfectly Minimalistic (and Free) #Meditation #App #iOS

Meditation practices tend to be simple. So, it's ironic many apps about these practices are anything but that. That's why it's refreshing to discover an app like Sit: an iOS meditation app that has beautiful minimalism at the core of its design. 

As an app, sit has only three components: a visually elegant timer with Tibetan bowl sounds, a quick journal, and a log of activity.

Zack Shapiro, Developer of Sit, explains on the Product Hunt page:

We wanted to build a tool that you could open and get started in one tap, every time. Simplicity came first and foremost. I wanted to write down thoughts that came to me and see some nice data about streaks, time of each session, etc.

In terms of things we didn’t include, Sit doesn’t ask for your name, email, location, phone number, or credit card number. It doesn’t send push notifications or emails, ever. It’s incredibly private and all about you. That’s really important to us.

Sit is available in the iTunes App Store for free.

The above post was lovingly crafted by Josiah Hultgren. Josiah Hultgren is Founder/CEO of MindFullyAlive, a Senior Lecturer at California Lutheran University, a NeuroCoach, and a practical neuroscience expert. He produces and curates mindfulness content designed to improve structure and functioning of the brain. His mission is to help create a more vibrant world and apply neuroscience in ways that help people reach their highest potential..

Pause App Slows You Down so You Can Focus and Relax

.@ustwo's #Pause App Slows You Down so You Can #Focus and #Relax

Pause is a beautiful new mindfulness app from ustwo, the creators of the popular game Monument Valley. Inspired by Tai chi, the developers took a unique approach to help you find meditative states. The Pause app guides you to make micro movements with your finger via hypnotizing visual feedback and sound cues. These slow, deliberate movements shift your state of mind to become more present, relaxed and focused.

The experience begins with soothing sounds and text prompting you to place your fingertip on the screen. When you do, a small lava-lamp style blot appears and begins to swell in size. "You can interpret it as your energies of focus regrouping" says studio head Marcus Woxneryd. From there, the app encourages you to make micro movements to grow the blot until it envelopes the entire screen. Then, the app suggests you close your eyes to let yourself fall into a deeper state of calm attention. A bell chimes when the session is over.

Although Pause is not vetted with controlled trials, its approach is backed by scientific research and theory. The developers incorporated Attention Restoration Theory and physiology to activate the parasympathetic nervous system for the relaxation response.

Pause is available for iOS and Android.

The above article was written by Josiah Hultgren, Founder of MindFullyAlive.