Writing and Reading a Book While Connected to Electrodes. Yep.

Image by  dierk schaefer

Dutch novelist Arnon Grunberg is in the process of simultaneously completing both his next literary work and a possible groundbreaking scientific experiment. One of Europe’s most notable authors, Grunberg has been in the process of writing his new book about cybersecurity and privacy. While writing his novella, Grunberg wears on a cap that is fastened with 28 electrodes and intends to use cameras and sensors to monitor his “brain waves, heart rate, galvanic skin response (an electrical measure of emotional arousal) and facial expressions. (Schuessler)” Grunberg and his publishers plan to have 50 normal citizens read the book using the same method, cap and all. The point of the book and the experiment is to answer the question if “readers of Arnon’s text feel they understand or embody the same emotions he had while he was writing it, or is reading a completely different process? (Schuessler)” Next fall, Grunberg looks to prove that they will.

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