Worse Memory Performance Linked to This Type of Fat

Worse Memory Performance Linked to This Type of Fat

High consumption of ‘trans- fat’, which can be found in abundance in fast food, has been linked to 10% poorer memory performance in a new study which studied 1,000 people without heart disease, and  presented at the American Heart Association’s most recent annual meeting. 

The scientists found that the higher a men’s consumption of trans-fat, the lower their memory performance.  The memory test consisted of showing 104 cards, each with a word in it, to people in the study. They had to say whether each word was new or one they had seen before. Results showed that subjects recalled one word less for each extra gram of trans-fat they consumed each day. 

Foods that commonly include trans-fat are: frozen pizza, snack foods, fast foods, baked goods, and margarine. 

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