Easily Create an Interactive Map of Your Belief System

Interactive Belief Mapper

"Know thyself" - Socrates

Ever wonder what the "molecular" structure of your belief system would look like? This website may help. Belief Mapper is an interactive tool that allows you to quickly generate an interactive map of your beliefs. 

It works like this: You find out what your beliefs are by answering brief questions. The website tracks your beliefs, and draws a clickable map that shows trends about how people share related beliefs. 

In the map...

Nodes represent beliefs.

The size of nodes represent the number of people who share that belief. The more people who hold the belief, the larger the node. Click the node to highlight its connections.

Connectors represent a link between two beliefs. The more people hold both beliefs, the thicker the connector line.

Colors of nodes identify which beliefs you have voted on. The more intense the color, the stronger your conviction in that belief.

The website also offers statistics about the people who hold particular beliefs including age, gender, education level and religion.

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