'Entering GodMode' by Jason Silva

'Entering GodMode' by Jason Silva
We are Ontological Engineers: hacking reality and constructing worlds
— Diana Slattery

The word entheogenic means god facilitating. It’s this idea that tools and techniques of ecstasy can act as mediation catalysts for encounters with the numinous.

It’s this notion that we are able to tweak our subjective experience to catalyze a shift in consciousness that leads us to a kind of god mode.

The realization that reality is but a matrix of perception means we are ontological engineers. We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams. We tumble down that rabbit hole and we redefine and reedit the nature of that rabbit hole. The wonder land becomes our wonder land.

Mircea Eliade talked about techniques of ecstasy. He described shamans as literally ecstatic technicians of the sacred.

This literally means that the passport to the numinous lies within. We can hack it. Metacognitive ecstasy is within us.
— Jason Silva