How to Hack Stress and Relax

How to Hack Stress and Relax

The written content of the post was authored by best-selling author and neuroscience expert, Mark Robert Waldman. It is posted with his permission.

There are two kinds of relaxation: physical and mental. 

Yawning is the best strategy for eliminating mental tension because it slows down neural activity in the brain. As for the body, many people say “Take a deep breath in.” But that actually causes increased stress in the body and brain.

Others suggest stretching, but if you stretch the way most people do, you won’t even notice how tense your muscles are. Instead, for deep relaxation, you need to move and stretch different parts of your body in SUPER SLOW MOTION. Real slow.

Try this experiment: 

Slowly rotate your head and count how many seconds it takes to complete a single rotation. Most people will spend about 5 seconds, but that’s 20 times too fast. Instead, take a full 60 seconds to make one head rotation. You may notice all sorts of tiny aches you never felt before. It’s that awareness that allows the brain to trigger the physical relaxation response. Isn't that interesting? Physical relaxation depends on your awareness of the unconscious tensions we carry around all day.

Now try moving another part of your body super slow. For example: take 60 seconds to raise and lower one arm. Now notice how different your left and right arm feels. Now turn your body just to one side taking 30-60 seconds. See how much more your feel? 

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