Mindfulness Proven to be One of the Best Ways to Deal with Pain

#Mindfulness Proven to be One of the Best Ways to Deal with Pain

The written content of the post was authored by best-selling author and neuroscience expert, Mark Robert Waldman. It is posted with his permission.

Mindfulness exercises have proven to be one of the most effective ways to decrease chronic pain. There are now over 100 studies showing how mindfulness is useful for reducing virtually every form of body-related pain.  

Here's a quote from a recent review study citing mindfulness as an essential strategy to use:

Mindfulness-based interventions approach seeks to uncouple the sensory aspects of pain from the evaluative and emotional aspects of pain, and promote detached awareness of the somatic and psychological sensations within the body. As the chronic pain signal often cannot be extinguished, this detachment may enhance individual responses to chronic pain. Through mindful awareness and meditation, thoughts about pain can be viewed as discrete events rather than an indication of an underlying problem that necessitates immediate and possibly maladaptive responses. An individual may then recognize these sensations or thoughts as something familiar, which may serve to ameliorate emotional or maladaptive behavioral responses to pain.

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