Jad Abumrad on Why Music is Important

. @JadAbumrad  on Why #Music is Important

Emmy award-winning director Mac Premo created a thoughtful, hyper-stylized short from a talk with Radiolab's Jad Abumrad about music and humanness. 

What is sound?
"Sound is just a cross-modal version of touch... in that there are these waves that move through the air. And they get in your ear to hit the ear drum and they push it back and forth. It's vibration really."

What is music?
"Organized sound, maybe? It's a way of ordering the chaotic sounds of the world into something that involves structure and time."

Why do we organize sound into music?
"Some people think that music was there before speech so the original function of music was a kind of emotional communication system... Maybe music used to be proto-speech.”

Why does music cause us to experience so many types of emotions?
"I think of it in terms like - we're living our lives up on the surface of the ocean in these little boats – and there's all this shit underneath. Stuff that we'll never have access to, but somehow music can get down into those depths... It gets around your rational defenses and just moves you."

What is the function of music?
"I'm not sure that it has a function other than the fact that it is inevitable... We would just not be who we are unless we had music. So it makes us who we are."

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