Research Suggests Sunshine Helps Your Mind Stay Sharp

#Research Suggests #Sunshine Helps Your #Mind Stay Sharp

According to a new study by Duke University, getting sun can help keep your mind sharp.

One of the benefits of sun exposure is that your skin responds by producing vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to be necessary for bone and muscle health. Now, new research suggests that it is also crucial for a maintaining a healthy brain. 

The study found that low levels of vitamin D predicted cognitive decline in the elderly. Researchers followed 1,202 "cognitively intact adults" above the age of 60 for two years. The researchers measured the participants' vitamin D levels and assessed their cognition using the Mini-Mental State Examination. Over the course of the study, they found that those with a low vitamin D levels had a 2-3x higher likelihood of declining cognition than those who had the most. This finding adds to evidence that vitamin D protects against neuron damage.

It's another excuse to get to the beach.

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