CNN Money Web Series 'Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley' Explores use of Nootropics, Psychedelics in Startup Culture

In the Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley web video series, Laurie Segall explores how unconventional thinking is the foundation of creative innovation in Silicon Valley, the leading hub of high tech development. The five episodes cover smart drugs, psychedelics, swinging, polyamory, and Burning Man. 

The first two episodes feature interviews with Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris about how various substances are used to improve creativity and productivity. 

Watch: Huffington Post Live Discussion on Smart Drugs in Startup Culture

Huffington Post Live hosted a fascinating discussion panel on the effects and ethics of smart drugs at a personal and societal level. The panel included Dave Asperey of Bulletproof Nutrition, Clinical Psychologist Todd Essig, and Atlantic and New York Times contributor Steven Petrow.

ADHD medication use is an open secret in the world of startups. Do these prescription drugs give an edge in such cut-throat industries? Is "brain hacking" an unfair advantage in a supposed meritocracy, or could it be a safe way to improve our lives?

Pop A Pill For Perfect Pitch


A professor of molecular and cellular biology at Harvard named Takao Hensch discovered a new way to recreate the elasticity of younger brains using valproic acid. Adults in his research were able to rapidly acquire the skill of perfect pitch.  This insight may be able to be applied to help adults quickly learn new languages. 

Listen to the NPR story here